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    Convenient,Safe and Reliable

    High Consistency . Intelligent Management . Absolute Reliability

    Product model of Portable power station

    1500W Portable Power Station
    1500W Portable Power Station

    1500W Portable Power Station

    Model NO.1500W Portable Power Station

    Battery Capacity: 1280Wh
    AC Continuous Output:1500W???
    AC Max Output:3000W @ 1seconds
    AC Voltage: 110VAC±5%(220V)?
    Temperature: -10~45℃
    Dimension: 309*225*241mmmm(±3mm)
    Weight: 14Kg
    Packaging: Aluminum case
    Protection: PCM/Inverter/charger highly integrated system

    Model NO. 400W Portable Power Station 600W Portable Power Supply 1500W Portable Power Station
    Rated Capacity 20Ah 40Ah 50Ah
    Operation Voltage 14.4V 10.8V 14.6V
    Charging Current Max 10A 20A 20A
    Discharge Current Max 40A 10A 20A
    Energy 288Wh 432Wh 730Wh
    Dimension(mm) 105±2mm 200±3mm 270±3mm
    Weight 2.9Kg 5Kg 8Kg

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    Characteristics and advantages of Portable power station

    High Input And Output

    ? Using high-quality lithium iron phosphate?as raw materials, select batteries with the same capacity, voltage, and internal resistance to form a battery pack.

    ? The battery pack can support high-rate charging and high-rate discharge, which can meet most emergency situations.

    ? Adapt to ambient temperature -20℃~65℃ charge and discharge.

    Safe And Reliable

    ? All-round battery intelligent management, multiple safety monitoring, protection and fault warning.

    ? Low internal resistance and flow force circuit design.

    ? Reinforced insulation design of portable power supply to meet the impact of high voltage surges above 4KV.

    ? Passed IEC62133, UL, UN38.3 certification.

    Super Long Life

    ? The portable battery power station core has the same initial performance, consistent charging and discharging dynamics, consistent high and low temperature characteristics, and consistent charging and discharging curves.

    ? The solar portable power supply product has a long calendar life of more than 10 years and a cycle life of 1500 times.

    ? Intelligent system sleep, low power consumption, strong endurance.

    Looking for a portable power source for your next adventure? PLB new generation portable power stations keep everything from small cooking equipment to camera gear running. They charge by AC, solar, and car, and they’re small enough to carry on the go, making them perfect portable power stations for camping.
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